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The Joint meeting with IICRCA has been canceled. IICRCA has a parent organization and due to inadequate funding closed down the IICRCA, laid off all three employees and canceled the May 11-13 event. We are looking at other alternative speakers. If you have a suggestion or wish to present a program on association education, meeting planning or other subject please contact Maury at nsae@nsae.org  with your suggestions. CAE credits are given for presenting and attending our programs.

For Meetings:  Lunch is included. Members $20, Nonmembers $30. We will videoconference between Dr. Bob Talley’s office at 8863 W. Flamingo R. Suite 102, Las Vegas in the south and Lori Benvin’s office at 161 Country Estates Circle, Suite 1B, and Reno.

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Ferrari_PhotoThe March 23 meeting of NSAE was a great meeting and well attended. The topic was “The outlook for the 2016 election and the effect on the 2017 legislature. Thanks to Chris Ferrari for the update March 23. Mr. Ferrari, lobbyist for some of our member organizations, informed us about elections and what to expect for the next legislative session. We learned of the contested races and upcoming issues faced by the legislators.

Two key resources, Doug Eadie: The Board Savvy CEO (available on the NSAE website at a discounted price) and Susan Sladek books are available at a discount. See the news column and the bottom of the Member Benefits page. the discount on the Sladek books have been extended.

ASAE Association Day Update

Maury Astley CAE, your NSAE Executive Director, and Wes Henderson with the NV League of Cities, attended the ASAE Association Day in Washington D.C. Maury met with Senator Reid, and staff for three of the four Congressional Reps.

Maury Astley CAE with Sen. Dean Heller

Maury Astley CAE with Sen. Dean Heller

The hot topic this year was the Overtime Rule by the Labor Department. They are proposing the salary level for overtime increase from $23,000 to just over $50,000. He explained that the proposed rule does not consider regional differences, how associations work with meetings that take more than 8 hour days, social media work done after hours and weekends or the paperwork and tracking workload. Many associations in NV are one or two person entities and may both be in the new level. Other items still being discussed include the attendance at association meetings by government employees. The ruling on travel budgets based on 70% of 2010 is about to expire and needs to be updated to a more reasonable level. Regulators need to be in touch with regulated groups and some need the education they get at meetings.

Maury also reminded them of the value of associations to the economy. Senator Dean Heller was honored by ASAE with the Sentinel Award for his defense of association meetings and for his role in securing a two-year delay of the 40 percent excise tax on high-cost employer-provided health plans.

NSAE Recognizes Members

Lori Benvin, incoming President, presented Cherie Williams, RCE CAE, with the President’s award for her service as President from 2013-2015.

Lori Cherie Pres2013-15Executive Director presented the Member of the Year Award to Denise Selleck, Executive Director of the NV Osteopathic Medical Association for her service to NSAE over her fifteen years as a member.

Denise Selleck Member 2015Robert Talley DDS, CAE, NV Dental Association, was presented the Volunteer of the Year Award for guiding the CAE study group over the last year and a half.

Bob Talley Volunteer 2015In Other News

Check out NSAE on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are very active and connecting with other organizations and want your input. Add us to your group and we will promote your meetings and activities.

250x250_NEW_AnnouncementWelcome New Members!

Thanks to all the members who have sent in their dues. If you have not paid your 2016 dues, please pay promptly and tell us if there are changes in personnel, addresses, emails, etc. Check out Member prices on meetings and other benefits via our link.

What people are saying about NSAE:

Paula Sweeney, Westin Las Vegas, “I learned a lot from Ernie’s presentation. This is my first meeting and I look forward to being more involved. Maybe we could even host an event.”

Cherie Westbrook, LVCVB for Laughlin and Mesquite; “great meeting and I am so glad to be working on the membership committee again. If we keep growing our attendance I will see if I can find a space that works for us and still connects with Reno.”

 Contact Maury at 702-254-4263 or nsae@nsae.net if you have any questions.