NSAE Transitions

Watch here for notice of our next meeting. We are in the process of seating a new Board of Directors (election pending) and developing a new strategy. We hope to move towards mentoring up and coming association staff members. We already have reduced rates for additional members from the same organization. We want to encourage them to attend meetings and interact with our more experienced members. Any suggestions you have are welcome. As our ED, Maury Astley CAE, is retiring, President Katherine Jacobi is going to be the main contact person. Her contact information is provided below.


Thanks to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske for meeting with members of NSAE. She spoke to us of the affect the changes in business taxes have had on recordings. Numbers are down with some explanation that Corporate are moving to LLCs, LLCs to sole proprietorships and even some are moving to Wyoming with more favorable taxes. Her office is changing some filing dates for election spending reports to tie them closer to election dates. They saw no voter fraud in the election but are combating it in voter registration and petitions signing. She is also working to provide online ballots for military but not voting online. This will help them be prepared to vote when they can. She is also working with groups to improve hiring of vets. Barbara has always been kind to us and wants our input. She mentioned that she has experience working with us and values associations.

In Other News

Check out NSAE on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are very active and connecting with other organizations and want your input. Add us to your group and we will promote your meetings and activities.

Welcome New Members!

Scott Olson, Director of Admin & Accounting, Nevada Restaurant Association is a new Active Associate Member.

Thanks to all members who have paid their 2017 dues. Dues can be paid by check or credit card by going to the dues page of the website or paying from the mailed invoice.

What people are saying about NSAE:

Paula Sweeney, Westin Las Vegas, “I learned a lot from Ernie’s presentation. This is my first meeting and I look forward to being more involved. Maybe we could even host an event.”

Cherie Westbrook, LVCVB for Laughlin and Mesquite; “great meeting and I am so glad to be working on the membership committee again. If we keep growing our attendance I will see if I can find a space that works for us and still connects with Reno.”

 Contact Katherine Jacobi CAE, President, at 702-878-2313 or email to nsae@nsae.net if you have questions.