Next Meeting:  November 18 at 12:00 Noon

Governance and Structure Roundtable

The November 18 NSAE membership meeting will include a discussion of governance and structure, the topic for Domain 5 of the CAE study guide. Bob Benedict CAE and Emeritus Member of NSAE will lead the discussion. It will be a joint membership meeting and CAE Study Group so we should have plenty of discussion.

Some of the topics to be discussed include governance competencies, volunteer leadership development, component relations and structure. Take aways from the meeting will include how to review governance documents and manage a governance system, liaison with the Board and executive committee, when to take things to the executive committee or the Board and committees/task forces/special interest groups as necessary. Key question to be answered “which of the following could give rise to personal liability on the part of director and officers?” Possible answers include: a) incompetence and bad judgment; b) intentional injury to persons or property; c) performance of contracts; d) Activities and actions of a committee that leads to antitrust violations.

Lunch is included. Members $20, Nonmembers $30. We will videoconference between Bob Talley’s office at 8863 W. Flamingo R. Suite 102, Las Vegas in the south and Lori Benvin’s office at 161 Country Estates Circle, Suite 1B, in Reno.

Click here to register and pay by credit card or send check to NSAE.

Thanks to Greg Melia CAE, Vice President of Members Relations who presented “What 50,000 Members Say” from the ASAE study the Decision to Research. The ASAE foundation has done the legwork for us and distilled the findings into insightful takeaways on what influences the decision to join, learn, volunteer, and give. Attendees got a high level summary of the most useful findings. “Attendees left with new insights to strategically manage their organizations based on exceptional research from over 50,000 current and prospective members,” said Melia.

CAE Study Group Dates. Our candidates are: Lori Benvin and April Miller in Reno and Michael Fazio and Kim Farmer in Las Vegas. Future study group dates are October 1 Domain 3; Nov 5 Domain 4; the NSAE meeting November 18; December 17; January 28; February 25 and March 18. A final review will be on April 22 and their exam date is in May 2015.  Same time 12:30-2:00.


Anthony Ferreri, Katherine Jacobi CAE, Kim Lamberty CAE, Bob Benedict CAE and Robert Talley DDS CAE sitting in on the NSAE seminar with Greg Melia CAE, VP of Membership with ASAE. Greg spoke from our Reno location.

Welcome New Members!

Kim Lamberty, CAE, VP of Operations for the Credit Management Association located in Las Vegas

Monica Caruso, Director of Public Affairs for the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association.

What people are saying about NSAE:

“I think it’s time I join!” (The late Kitty Boozer was with CMA and an NSAE member for many years. We miss her and are glad to have CMA represented at NSAE again.)

Kim Lamberty, CBA, CAE
Vice President of Operations
and Business Development
Credit Management Association

 Contact Maury at 702-254-4263 or nsae@nsae.net if you have any questions.