Member Spotlight

Maury Astley, CAE

Executive Director of the Nevada Society of Association Executives. Maury has served as the Executive Director of the NV Dental Association, the Nevada Nurses Association and as the lobbyist for the NV Chiropractic Association. In Reno he served as the general manager of American Airlines and he and his wife Iris, owned A-1 express Photo. Before that he was in the telecommunications industry serving as Executive Vice President of the Oregon Independent Telephone Association where he wrote the Oregon’s 9-1-1 legislation and was a key person working on deregulation of the long distance telephone service.He worked in California at GTE in several marketing positions and earned a Bachelor degree in Marketing and an MBA in Management at Long Beach State University.

He has served as President of both the Oregon and Nevada Society of Association Executives. He became a CAE in 1990. He has helped clients with Strategic Planning, Board Orientation, attracting Gen X to join and mediated an international group working on a Standards Manual for Architectural Wood making. He has two children, Stephanie and Greg, and five grandchildren. He has been married 54 years in April to Iris. After serving as ED or an officer for NSAE, Maury announced his retirement from NSAE later this year.